Wedding Books (Gallery & Information)

Wedding Books (Gallery & Information)

Wedding Books (Gallery & Information)

Wedding guest books are an extremely important part of the big day and need to be 'just right'. They are on show for much of the day and they need to perfectly reflect you and your theme. I love working on these types of project as the final result will be a cherished keepsake for many years to come and they are often passed down the family lines. I will work with you to make your book very personal to your theme, colours and wish list. I have some books to share in the gallery that cannot go 'live' until later in the year as I never publish the photo's before the big day and never before getting the bride/groom's approval! 


I usually like 8 -10 weeks notice minimum for wedding books as they can often be extremely intricate, detailed and highly embellished and I like to have time to source graphics and items which are just right for your project.


The price for a wedding book with 30/35 inner pages ranges from around £30 to £60. The price is dependant upon the complexity of the style and design. You are paying for a unique design, individuality and many hours of hand-crafted work with intricate detailing. I pride myself on those little personalised details which make your wedding book truly special and unique to you. Your wedding book will be a complete 'ooak'* piece. (The price is always agreed before I start work and a 20% non refundable deposit is taken at time of placing your order)


The design for your book is of course up to you. Most themes and styles can be accommodated but I do generally specialise and lean towards vintage, fairytale and distressed styles. I recently did a wedding book in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' theme which was highly detailed and embellished and is my absolute favourite! I work closely with you to design and create the perfect look and feel. I usually correspond by email and can send visuals and graphics for approval although I do find that people want to be suprised with the final product! You are the important one and when you are completely happy, I am too. The wedding books generally measure 8" x 8" in size and have a hard front and back cover. The front, inner front, inner back and back all have detailing on them. I fill the books with around 30 - 35 inner pages for guests messages and usually include a graphic at the top right of every page. The sides of the wedding books are bound with a combination of lace, ribbon and charms, all suited and matched to colours and themes as required.

What's next?

If you'd like to discuss a wedding book or throw some ideas around, please email me and lets get chatting!


*One Of A Kind 

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Product no.: 311

A lovely wedding book with a Greek theme.

This book is displayed for gallery purposes only and is not for sale. As a guide, a similar wedding book to this would be £30.


Product no.: 434

A superb wedding book with a dreamy theme.

This book is displayed for gallery purposes only and is not for sale. As a guide, a similar wedding book to this would be £55.


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