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A fantastic garland which I made from a vintage copy of a Beano annual. There are six stockings and each one depicts part of a fab' Christmas story. The stockings actually follow the story in sequence which is great fun and the images are bright and bold. Stockings 2-6 are the original pages and stocking 1 has the original image on the reverse and a scanned and flipped high quality copy on the front. This is because with a left facing stocking we were unable to fit the image we needed into the available space but I thought it was nice that you would know that the original image was there. A wonderful garland for Christmas-time. Each stocking has been gently aged and distressed to further enhance it's wonderful vintage appeal. Finished with a generous length of red satin ribbon.

Stocking 1. Dennis finds Santa bound and gagged

Stocking 2. Dennis asks Santa "Who did this to you Mister Claus?"

Stocking 3. Santa tells Dennis it was Baby-Face Finlayson

Stocking 4. Following tracks in the snow

Stocking 5. Smiffy offers to help Santa catch up with his deliveries

Stocking 6. All the presents have been mixed up!


 Fab for a teen or a man of a certain age who loved the Beano as a boy!

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