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My first batch of snowmen were made from salt dough and unfortunately befell a terrible fate when I left them in a newly plastered room in a cardboard box. The moisture seeped into the box and my little snowmen were ruined :(


He's risen from the ashes as a wooden version, so no problems with moisture attacks now!

Mr Briggs, named after Raymond Briggs, the creator of The Snowman, is a cute wooden decoration. He sports a red hat and a cute gingham scarf. Each decoration is completely individual and hand-painted. The snowmen have individually crafted 'carrot' noses which are all made one by one so no two are ever the same and cute, brown twig arms. The paint on the body is left slightly textured and is gently glittered so when they catch the light there is a twinkle! 

Finished off with a loop of red ribbon for hanging.


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